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One day I woke up to this Music coming from outside through the balcony, from the street, slowly getting louder and than vanishing again in the traffic noise. A blind woman singing and a blind man picking the guitar. Bluegrazz* Both getting dragged through the streets by a younger man holding the loudspeaker and selling lottery tickets with a small margin on top, at the same time. Their performance grabbed my attention without even seeing them and I managed to catch them up later on in the day on the street, buying a lottery ticket and not winning any millions but a sustainable earthed feeling hit me for the rest of the day.  If you see them in Saigon, let them play, buy a ticket, and win the lottery for them*


Aamulla Saigonissa heräämme kadulta kantautuvaan musiikkiin. Kurkottelemme parvekkeelta nähdäksemme kolmikon joka kiertää keskustan katuja. Sokea kitaristi, laulaja ja poika, joka myy arpoja.

Musiikki on paikallista folkia, “bluegrass”. Hienostuneempia versioita kuulee radiosta ja televisiosta. Mutta me olemme ihastuneet tähän kolmikkoon ja etsimme heitä iltapäivällä kaduilta. Viimein tärppää. Ostamme arvan. Monet ostavat. Aurinkolasienmyyjä neuvoo meitä tarkistamaan nettisivuilta voitot. No, meistä ei tullut miljonäärejä, mutta musiikki soi edelleen.

About tuutuutuu

-Photos and Soundscapes from our journey in Indochina-
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1 Response to bluegrazz

  1. vol says:

    holla, thanks for putting all this together – a nice way of sharing your journey impressions with others!
    the bluegrazz is my clear favourite. can easily imaging just standing next to them, with a little ringing in the ears… but cool performance!

    together you make a good team,
    kisses to both of you.

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