nervous system

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The remarkable tight traffic of Saigon with its low sound of the thousands and thousands of motorbikes ( honda, suzukis, kawasakis…bumble bees) and their loud traffichorns, the attention beep. A few cars (taxis) or buses are peaking out of the soundscape with their airhorns and digital fx horns, incredible sci-fi. The speed of the vehicles and the randomness of direction they are heading to, makes it quite difficult for pedestrians to cross a street. But, who is actually walking? Chickens and tourists…


Saigonin kadut. Arvaamattomasti joka suunnasta syöksähtelevät moottoripyörät, jotka tekevät jalankulkijan elämän jännittäväksi, ja haasteelliseksi. Mutta kuka kaduilla nyt kävelisikään. Paitsi ehkä turistit ja kananpojat..

About tuutuutuu

-Photos and Soundscapes from our journey in Indochina-
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2 Responses to nervous system

  1. kinako says:

    it’s so wonderful to get to hear these sounds! did you just use a small digital recorder? sounds great!

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